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Appraisal, Expertise, Restoration. We care everything.

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Clients want clarity and transparency, reduced risk and personalized offers meeting their needs.

We can offer a full range of services covering every aspect of professional art dealing, from Appraisal to Expertise, from Condition Report to Restoration.

is an analytical document containing every evaluative element of the artwork. It sets the economic value through a detailed analysis of the market. It is necessary in case of sale or inventory, or in the event of divorce and/o hereditary divisions. If the artwork was ever expertised before, a new appraisal may be released as an update based on the current state of conservation and market performance.
The appraisal includes the motivated opinion of the expert on the originality and authenticity of an artwork and its commercial value, and is under the responsibility of the expert signer who certifies and guarantees. Photo must be attached.

ascertains the paternity of the examined work, referring it to the hand of a determined author. The survey focuses on the historical, geographical and stylistic area; on iconographic, iconological and compositional consistency; on the state of conservation and on the technical execution, as well as on extensive archival research. Where necessary and in agreement with the client, non-invasive diagnostic investigations (craquelure, UV fluorescence, X-rays, IR, X-ray reflectography) are carried out in order to determine further ascertaining elements on the identified author. The survey is usually accompanied by an expertise.

is halfway between expertise and appraisal, which evaluates the work of a living artist who is still active, according to his stylistic peculiarities and market quotations.

Condition report 
s a
summary document attesting the conservative state of the artwork. It is necessary in cases of sale, mortgage, temporary loan, and for financial and insurance agreements in general.Inventory means a cumulative appraisal of several artworks belonging to the same collection. It shows the real economical value of the artistic patrimony, updated according to the current market trend. The inventory must contain a brief description of each artwork with the related picture and Motivated opinion means a written report on the artwork without evaluation, but with photos.

is a detailed historical and philological evaluation based on documentary and archival research, provenance research, stylistic and artistic analysis, conservation status and diagnostic investigations. Through the expertise market evaluations can be hypothesized, but without indicating any value on the expertise document. Photo must be attached.

Expertise, authentication, appraisel are not equivalent terms.
We can guide you through:

a) appraisals certification;
b) expertise certification;
b) authenticity certification;
b) hereditary divisions;
b) contestation and disputes;
b) catalogs and inventories.

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