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FAQS on: Expertise and Appraisals Old Masters and Modern Art

Answering Mr. Daniele Belardo
(Chief Executive 11 [HH] Fine Arts, Old Master Specialist)


Why does a painting need an expertise?
This is one of the most frequent questions ever. Estimating a work of art is costy. You pay the qualified work of a Specialist. But what you are paying for is the concrete opportunity to turn your piece of art into a profitable investment: you simply can’t sell a work in the art market without any documentation issued by an art expert. Nobody would seriously buy without a certificate of authenticity. Would you?

How long does it takes to get an expertise?
It depends. It can take a few weeks, or a few months. Laboratory tests are charged to the Owner, but are not always necessary.

Is there a way to know the value of my painting, without asking for an expertise?
Sure! This is called an Estimate, attesting the minimum and maximum value of the artwork. But this is not an Authentication itself.

Is the price of art arbitrary?
In addition to auction results and art market trends, there are some elements determining the price of an artwork: iconography, style, provenance, historical importance, dimensions, technique and state of conservation.

Why is it important to restore an artwork?
Restoration prevents the artwork does not suffer a further damage due to the natural degradation process, and the loss of its economical value as well.
After the restoration, the same work can increase its economic value in a very consistent way. At the end a restoration report is issued to be kept in case of sale, or to be attached to a future report.


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